Node Js Developer
Dedicated Project

Job Description

● Have 2+ years of experience writing services and maintaining them in production
● Be experienced working with Node.js in JS or TS – experience with NestJS is a plus
● Be knowledgeable about testing tools
● Have worked in fast paced environments which require you to take ownership and come
up with creative solutions to your customer’s problems
● Display a proven track record of teamwork and collaboration with your peers

● Have proven experience writing services or applications and maintaining them in
● Be familiar with GraphQL – professional experience is a plus
● Have good understanding of SQL databases including on the job experience with
schema design and query optimization

● Have professional experience with request/response based systems (e.g. REST,
GraphQL, grpc,...) as well as event processing (e.g. Kafka, SQS, RabbitMQ, ...)
● Be experienced in unit and integration testing and knowledgeable about standard
● Be interested in working with Node.js, TypeScript and NestJS
● Being familiar with working with Google Cloud and serverless technologies is a plus


Experience (Min) : 3.0 Years
Experience (Max) : 6.0 Years
Location: Remote

Mandatory Skills

Node JS Node TS NestJS TypeScript Testing Tools GraphQL SQL Databases REST GRPC Kafka SQS RabbitMQ Serverless technologies

Optional Skills

Schema Design Query Optimization

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