Hire talent without notice period.

Find immediate joiners from a pool of skilled talent shared by 100+ companies like you to hire them on a project basis.

Reduce underutilization rate.

Find urgent projects for your underutilized employees and grow your company by increased billable hours.


a talent via Sharedpro


Immediate joiners

Hire from a pool of readily deployable talent employed in 100+ Indian IT/ITeS companies.


Passive Talent

Reduce duplicate profiles by expanding your reach to talent unavailable in the open market.


Single Window

Sign a single agreement to work with multiple vendors across the country within hours.


Urgent Projects

Reduce your talent underutilization rate by deploying talent on urgent projects.


More Exposure

Work with big clients unavailable on freelancing sites while reducing dependence on sales executives.


Steady Income

Grow your company with longer projects of 3-6 months.

How it works to

a talent

Post a job

Post a requirement with basic details like job description, skills, project tenure etc.

Get Matched

Get profiles of immediate joiners matching your job. Schedule interview with the profiles you like.

Deploy Talent

Post interviews, onboard the selected talent onto your project from the next day itself.

24*7 Support

Sharedpro remains in constant touch for any help required till the project is completed.

List Profile

Auto-create your employee's profile by just uploading a CV with full control over the details shared.

Get Matched

Our software shows best profiles to the client. You get notified once your listed profile gets shortlisted.

Share Talent

Post selection, deploy your talent onto the client's project on contract and start earning from day 0.

24*7 Support

From legal help to timely payments, be rest assured with 24*7 phone/email support.

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