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Zydex® is a hi-tech research driven company striving for SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH INNOVATION. Founded in 1997, Zydex® has rapidly expanded its business portfolio in catering to Textiles, Waterproofing, Paints & Sealers, Roads, Agriculture and Industrial Chemicals. Moreover, we are deeply committed to becoming an organization to develop sustainable and eco-friendly chemical technologies for all our divisions.


Zydex® operates globally through its subsidiaries and distribution network, with sales in over 40 countries including Zydex Inc. in the USA.  Zydex R&D labs are working on the anticipated needs of tomorrow with a focus on sustainability. We are a SAP driven enterprise across all our facilities.

Zydex®  is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint with 90% of its electric power requirement met through our own windmills. Moreover, our offices and laboratories are being reengineered to become green facilities. Our emphasis on safety has resulted in continual reduction in releases, wastes, emissions & energy consumption. We operate a fully computerized plant, efficient MIS and CRM systems which help us deliver quality, supply consistency and achieve customer satisfaction.

Our "first to develop" technologies are:


•       Nanotechnology Waterproofing: Concrete, Stones, Bricks & all siliceous substrates

•       Nanotechnology Waterproofing of Soil for Roads & Geotech applications

•       Nanotechnology for Asphalt pavements in Hot, Cold  & Warm mixes

•       PVC-free water-based inks

•       Anti-microbial Silanes (Methanol free)

•       Emulsified Fuel (F.O.) efficiency improvement (8-10%)


We believe in "INNOVATE, SUSTAIN & REDEFINE constantly"


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