Panel Discussion on Making Companies Future Ready

by Sujit Singh | Dec 10, 2019

A Thought-provoking panel discussion by Mr. Anand Bhatnagar, Reliance; Dr. Ankita Singh, CIGNEX Datamatics; Mr. Rohan Lele, Zydex Industries; Mr. Balaji K S, Rishabh Software on the subject of Making Companies Future Ready. 


00:00 - Introduction  

03:30 - Opening remarks by the panellists

05:50 - How to make companies future-ready?

27:30 - How to bring cultural change when you have a bunch of seniors working with an old mindset and young technocrat working under them? 

36:30 - What are your views about a company investing in upskilling or cross-skilling their employees to make them future-ready? 

43:50 - While we have a lot of focus on talent development, what would be your views on internal talent mobility? 

46:20 - GTD (Get things done) is the skill AB (Anand Bhatnagar) taught. How to enable the upskilling while getting things done.

49:55 - How is your organisation L&D is playing the role of making the workplace future-ready. 

52:05 - Sometimes there are situations where you know there is a problem for accepting the fact and change, now as HR we also know there is a problem but how to prove? 

56:30 - Should we start encouraging flexi work so people work from places they love to work? 

01:01:45 - What is the future of HR?

1:07:50 - Felicitation of Panellists

1.09.15 - Gifts for the best questions by the attendees

1:09:42 - Reviews 

Note: For a better experience of the attendees and the panellists, we introduced a new concept for the panel discussion wherein attendees could ask questions directly on a Whatsapp group which was visible to the moderator. 


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