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Full Stack Java Team Lead

Can be in either of the two combinations: Java and Angular OR React and Node.


 6+ years of experience using development languages (Kotlin Spring boot java,
ReactJS, TypeScript, Redux, flux , Webpack, Ajax, JavaScript, bootstrap, Node JS,
etc.) with experience in Object-Oriented programming
 5+ Experience with SQL and No SQL Database.
 Write clean, high-quality, well-tested code in a variety of languages and are also
able to spot (and improve) bad code
 Experience with Test Driven Development (Unit, integration, smoke, regression Test
pack writing and incorporation)
 Experience with Agile, Lean and/or Continuous Delivery approaches such as
Continuous Integration, TDD, Infrastructure as Code, etc.
 Knowledge of cloud technology such as AWS services, bitbucket, artifactory, Kafka,
Redis, Mountabank, Docker or Kubernetes, elk stack.


Experience (Min) : 6.0 Years
Experience (Max) : 16.0 Years
Location: Remote


Full Stack Java Angular React Node Kotlin Springboot React JS TypeScript Redux Flux Webpack Ajax javaScript Bootstrap Node JS OOP SQL NoSQL Code Agile Lean TDD AWS bitbucket artifactory Kafka Redis Mountabank Docker Kubernetes elk stack

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