COVID-19 Response | Keep social distance while improving productivity

by Sujit Singh | Mar 13, 2020
COVID-19 Response | Keep social distance while improving productivity

Improve productivity while keeping social distance

With each passing day, the number of cases of COVID-19 are on the rise as stated regularly by WHO. The global community is emphasizing on the need for social distancing to avoid the spread of the disease. We're fortunate that India still has enough time to avoid the spread by following basic hygiene and keeping social distance.


Sharedpro's response to fight COVID-19

While companies are doing their bit to contain the spread by either removing biometric attendance systems or letting their employees to start working from home, we thought to do our bit by providing our ATS (recruitment software) for flat 50% off. With the help of Sharedpro's ATS, HR Teams can work collaboratively while keeping social distance with their colleagues until the threat of the disease is over. Here's a small snapshot of the features on Sharedpro ATS.

You can start using the software right away: Register here


Help Each other

We are unaware of what the future holds for ourselves but the least we can do in these tough times of COVID-19 is to help people around us by ensuring not only our families are safe but also our communities are safe. We hope more businesses will come forward to support the cause. 


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